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Legal service of companies



Law Firm Lex Patronum offers comprehensive activities connected with legal service of enterprises and other subjects depending on the needs of our Customers.


Legal service of companies contains among others consultations in the branch or legal seat of the customer, providing ongoing advices in the form of e-mail correspondence, phone consultations and drawing legal opinions. Furthermore Law Firm offers mediation of qualified and experienced representatives in negotiations with contractors or potential contractors, conducts legal audits and represents customers before courts and administrative authorities.


Additionally Law Firm offers full range of activities connected with creation and functioning enterprise, it means:

– registration of capital companies (joint-stock companies, limited liability companies)

– registration of partnerships (general partnership, limited partnership, professional partnership)

– drawing articles of incorporation and articles of association and their changes

– drawing and reviewing internal rules

– registration of business activity

– proceedings before Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, National Court Register,

– legal help in preparation of sittings of company bodies,

– working out drafts of resolutions

– legal help in obtaining permits and concessions and many other legal services connected with operation of enterprise.


It is worth mentioning that thanks to extensive knowledge of employees of our Law Firm, taking into consideration diversity and specificity of particular lines of business we can match the way of activity to the needs of our Customers with simultaneous protection of their interests.


Company law and law of business activity


Preparation of drafts of resolutions

Law Firm Lex Patronum offers help in preparation of drafts of resolutions of company bodies. Resolutions of collective bodies of companies are civil law acts. Resolutions of general assemblies of companies are multilateral legal acts, differing from contracts in it that drawing them in proper form and abiding appropriate procedure are necessary for their passing and effectiveness. Non-observance of proper procedure of passing resolution can as a consequence result in possibility of appealing against it. Thanks to expert help of Law Firm Lex Patronum all resolutions will be passed in accordance with provisions of law.


Procedure of excluding the partner

Fundamental importance for proper functioning the company has harmonious cooperation of partners. In the case of multiperson companies law provides in specific cases possibility of excluding the Partner. Exclusion can occur, if important reasons for it will appear, which make impossible or make difficult considerably proper functioning the company. It can be as well abuse of right in the company by the partner as non-performance of obligations towards the company by him caused among others by long-term illness of the partner, the stay abroad and also conflict with other partners. Law Firm Lex Patronum offers legal help as well for partners, who want to exclude unreliable partner, as for persons, who are threatened by unfair or unlawful exclusion.


Protection of competition

According to provisions of act on combating unfair competition only entrepreneurs are persons entitled to pursue claims, although acts of unfair competition are, according to the act, also actions infringing upon interests of consumers. It results from the essence of free market that behaviours of entrepreneurs, which are unfair towards consumers, threaten interests of competitive entrepreneurs. Among specified acts of unfair competition there are behaviours aimed directly into market competitors, such as the spread of false information about another entrepreneur, violation of its secret or making other entrepreneurs difficult to have access to the market. Our team of lawyers has necessary experience in the range of representing interests of entrepreneurs harmed by acts of unfair competition or accused of committing such acts.


Liquidation of companies

The process of liquidation of the company is final stage of its functioning. Law Firm Lex Patronum offers help in guiding through the process of liquidation of the company as well in situation, when the partners are unanimous, as in the case of being in conflict by the partners regarding the way of termination of activities and mutual settlements.


Conversions of companies

The procedure of conversion of company consists in the change of its legal form with maintaining current market position, name or obtained permits. All commercial law companies, it means general partnerships, professional partnerships, limited partnerships, partnerships limited by shares, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies and also civil law partnership, being only bond relationship and not a commercial law company can undergo the conversion. Also entrepreneur, being natural person, who runs business activity on his own behalf can convert run by him business into one-person capital company, it means limited liability company or joint-stock company. Conducting procedure of conversion of company requires performance of number of formal activities requiring knowledge and experience in the range of commercial companies law and civil procedure. Law Firm Lex Patronum offers help in conducting procedure of conversion of the company as well in the range of advisory services at the stage of choice of optimal legal form for run by You business activity, as at the stage of the procedure of conversion itself and at the stage of obtaining required concessions and permits.


Bank account

We draw detailed comparison of all current offers concerning opening bank account in Polish banks. On the basis of the analysis we will offer You the best solution in respect of the quality of customer service and also economically. Simultaneously we offer help in meeting all necessary formalities connected with opening the account at chosen bank.


Real estate service

We advise and help our customers in searching for apartments, houses, commercial spaces, offices and storehouses. Thanks to the involvement of employees of Law Firm LEX PATRONUM You will save not only time, but also money. The process of searching for appropriate building that meets all expectations will be considerably shortened, so that rooms will be immediately at Your disposal

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