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Pole’s Card


What exactly is Pole’s Card?

It is special document issued to foreigners by Polish state. Possession of Pole’s Card is a testimony of belonging of given person to Polish nation. It is worth knowing that receiving Pole’s Card is not equivalent to receiving Polish citizenship or obtaining the right to permanent stay on the territory of Poland. Pole’s Card does not entitle also the foreigner to cross borders of Poland without the necessity of possession of valid visa.


Who is entitled to solicit Pole’s Card?

The right to solicit Pole’s Card is granted to every citizen of the country that once was part of Soviet Union. Foreigner has to meet simultaneously following conditions:


-the foreigner should document his connections with Poland by confirmation of acquaintance with Polish language at least at basic level and should recognize Polish language as native language. Besides proving acquaintance with Polish traditions and customs and maintaining them is necessary


-the foreigner should submit in the presence of the consul written declaration of the membership in Polish nation


-the foreigner should prove that at least one of his/her parents or grandparents or two great-grandparents was Polish or had Polish citizenship. The foreigner has possibility to present the certificate issued by authorized Polish organizations showing his/her active involvement into the development of Polish language and Polish culture and the support the Polish national minority in the country of his/her residence within last 3 years.


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